Meridan 3-D

Our Markets

As a pioneer in laser scanning, Meridian’s approach to different market segments is guided by our years of experience with each sector. Our ability to draw on this deep well of knowledge has allowed us to provide a unique service tailored to each individual client.


Early on this market sector saw the huge cost savings that could be achieved by employing laser scanning. Plant retrofitting had been a costly business as plant shutdowns were necessary for accurate and safe measurement. Meridian provides highly accurate laser scanned models safely, cost effectively and in most cases without the need for a plant shutdown, allowing engineers the ability to upgrade, expand and detect clashes before replacement parts have been designed and manufactured.


From fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, Meridian recognized the need for a safe method of data acquisition to assist these industries in maintaining their facilities. Refineries and power plants are by their nature extremely dangerous environments, making precise measurement and documentation potentially hazardous. By utilizing Meridian’s Laser Scanning service to capture accurate survey grade data safely and remotely, these industries are realizing not only cost savings but process efficiencies and an increasingly safer environment. Meridian is proud to have played a part in contributing to the success of our energy sector clients.


Highways, bridges, railways and power lines are just some of the critical infrastructure needing constant maintenance and upgrades in order for a modern society to function. Meridian’s long-range laser scanning capabilities provide data-rich information to engineers safely, accurately and on time. Our laser scanning service eliminates the need for costly road closures; bridges and railways can operate normally while data is captured safely and remotely; power lines and towers can be safely scanned from the ground. Meridian understands that speed and safety are of the essence when maintaining our nation’s critical infrastructure. Our record of rapid response is testimony in itself.


From existing conditions through construction to final as-built, Meridian assists construction managers and architects through each step of the process. We provide a detailed 3D model of the existing conditions so designers can confidently make better decisions, remove conflicts and finish design faster. As construction proceeds Meridian coordinates with architectural, structural and MEP services by continuing to develop the 3D Model. This allows for collaboration between the services, eliminating clashes and the need for costly repeat site visits. The final result is a comprehensive 3D as-built model.


Seldom has a new technology found a more suitable partner than laser scanning has found in historical preservation. At Meridian we are keenly aware of the importance of preserving for future generations the rich history of our cultural past. Meridian’s laser scanning expertise can digitally record, document and preserve in perpetuity buildings and monuments of significant cultural and historical merit. The precise level of documentation not only records every detail, it also allows for exact reconstruction in the event the building, monument or artifact is destroyed. This is a breakthrough of enormous value and Meridian takes very seriously its leadership role in helping with this effort.


The entertainment industry has been increasingly turning to Meridian’s laser scanning services as a way of reducing its costs in a variety of areas. Laser scanning of locations for video game manufacturers has led to a more realistic player experience with a real world feel. Movie makers recognize the huge savings that can be realized by simply laser scanning places, objects and structures and digitally manipulating them without ever having to be on location. Meridian believes there is huge growth potential in the entertainment & hospitality market and has positioned itself to be a leader in this area.