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"Artiga interviewed for Lidar News feature article"

Published June 5, 2015 in Lidar News. "Advanced Extraction Algorithms Reduce False Pipe Identification in Laser Scan Point Cloud” by Kevin P. Corbley.
Meridian 3D Converts to Automated Workflow.
"Meridian 3D, Inc. had tested automated extraction software to model the piping in laser scan point clouds of industrial plants in the past, but found the technology was generating too many false positives, especially when highly reflective stainless steel pipes were involved. A recent trial project at a chemical plant, however, convinced the firm's scanning experts that extraction algorithms have finally advanced enough to meet the demands of their typical modeling projects..."

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"Nixon featured as presenter at Hexagon 2015"

Kris Nixon, PLS and Principal of Meridian 3D presented at the Hexagon International Conference held June 1-4, 2015 in Las Vegas. This event was organized by Hexagon Metrology, Inc. and covered areas such as World Of Design, Measurement And Visualisation Technologies, Interactive Demonstrations, and Technology Certifications.

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"Nixon featured as a speaker at SPAR 2015"

Kris Nixon, PLS and Principal of Meridian 3D presented at the SPAR International Conference and Exhibition held March 30 - April 2, 2015 in Houston, TX. This annual event is focused on end-to-end business and technology considerations for 3D measurement and imaging for industrial facilities; building, architecture and construction; and civil infrastructure. SPAR International is the only platform-neutral event focused on 3D tools and technologies.

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"Nixon quoted in Plant Services Magazine: Laser Scanning stands upon data with integrity"

Kris Nixon, PLS and Principal of Meridian 3D was quoted in a recent article in Plant Services Magazine. The premise of the article, "3D Plant Imaging and Modeling" by Sheila Kennedy, is as follows: "3D facility and equipment modeling improves design visualization as well as plant maintenance and expansion tasks. The U.S. General Services Administration is requiring phased 3D, 4D, and building information modeling (BIM) adoption for major projects receiving design funding because of the benefits." As Kris points out in the article, it is important to realize that 3D laser scanning results are only as good as the data behind it. Meridian 3D backs its data sets with "rigorous professional survey grade methodology and quality practices;" as such, our resultant models have "verified dimensional integrity."

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"Article published in WorkFlow 4.0: The Case for Service Providers"

In a recent issue of WorkFlow 4.0 magazine, Kris Nixon, PLS and Principal of Meridian 3D makes a strong case for the importance of professional service providers. As a new, tech-savvy generation of engineers assumes leadership roles in the industry, the demand for reliable as-built models is greater than ever, so the resultant tide of interest in getting into the laser scanning field is understandable – but end users need to remain focused on accuracy, precision, quality product, and a level of risk mitigation that only a seasoned professional service provider like Meridian 3D can provide.

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"Meridian 3D joins USGBC NC as a partner"

Meridian 3D, Inc. has recently joined as a partner with the North Carolina chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. As USGBC NC explains on their partnership webpage, their partners "are vital in helping us achieve our mission to accelerate the transformation toward sustainable communities and land development practices in our state. When you become a partner, you demonstrate your company’s leadership in shaping a more sustainable future for the region. As a partner, you make a public commitment to the Chapter’s work by providing program and operating support for all of the Chapter’s education programs, research activities and advocacy initiatives." Meridian 3D is proud to play a role in helping USGBC NC achieve its goals.

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