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PCMM Small Part Scanning

Portable Coordinate Measurement Machines and Scanning

Portable Coordinate Measurement Machine (PCMM) solutions provide high-precision capture for engineering or prototype applications. Our qualified and experienced technician graduates can work in your facilities or in ours to produce the deliverables you need.


Meridian 3D has acquired Hexagon’s 7525 ROMER 7 Axis SI Arm.  We utilize this tool for feature inspection to CAD, free-form surface inspection to CAD, reverse engineering, or fabrication validation.


Our workflow, methodology, and experience in precision laser scanning allows for the complete data capture and reporting of your component in a real world environment. Results for a single small part can be achieved quickly and accurately in a certified and repeatable method.


Our goal is to provide deliverables that are solutions. Polyworks and 3DS based workflow allow for direct to STL, IGES and DXF outputs for driving machining equipment or 3D printing. Using the same data, our experienced CAD professionals can also create traditional 2D engineering documentation for fabrication.

Single Part to Scan?

$200 per part – Scan to STL

Valid for one single small part that can be shipped to our Greensboro, NC office for scanning. Must be shipped by USPS (one-size box), UPS, FEDEX, or DHL without special handling. You will receive via file transfer a stereo-lithograph file (.stl (ASCII)) of your part. We do not dissemble and scan as a single file. We will then return your part via pre-paid shipping label provided by you. No 3D solid modeling is included and will be quoted in addition to this turn-key service on a case by case basis, if requested.

$200 per part – STL to Model

After we scan your part, we can create a solid model file from the STL we derive of your part. Since models are dependent on the application, we must know what model type you require. We can provide the following; STEP 203/214, IGES, SAT (R10-24), SolidWorks: 2004 (*.sldprt), or Parasolid: 15 (*.x_t). Pricing is valid for the one file type you select only. Multiple formats, or assembly models, can be provided for an optional additional charge and will be priced on a case by case basis.

How to Order?

To place an order, complete the CONTACT FORM and a project manager will be in touch to confirm details and provide you a packing slip. Please provide as many details as possible on the form and email any images to You must provide a credit card at the time of order and you will be charged when your work is complete, prior to download and return shipping. Typical turn-around will be 3 business days from when we receive the part into our office. Expedited service is available upon request.

More than one part to Scan?

We travel with our equipment and can scan at your facilities or we can arrange special handling for large parts that are too large to ship. If you have multiple parts or components to scan, we will be able to provide pricing by the hour or job. Please CONTACT US today for a no-cost proposal.

Hexagon ROMER 7Axis SI Arm Hexagon ROMER 7Axis SI Arm
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Sample Derived Mesh Sample Derived Mesh
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Sample Derived Solid Model Sample Derived Solid Model
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Sample Derived Assembly Model Sample Derived Assembly Model
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