Meridan 3-D


Dimensional Control

Meridian provides dimensional control survey services for industrial, manufacturing and commercial building projects to reduce risk and solve challenges faced by fabrication, construction and installation contractors.

We provide high quality, accurate solutions for improved constructability, reduced installation time and cost, and overall lower risk.

  • Equipment validation
  • Design verification
  • Piping spool validation
  • Plant facilities verification of pre-design interference checking
  • Deformation survey and monitoring

Traditional Survey

At Meridian we perform traditional land surveys as we have done for over 20 years. We understand that different tasks require different tools and that is why we have maintained a motivated team of survey crews for the services below:
  • GIS mapping services and support services
  • Topographic and surficial mapping
  • Volume analysis/quantity verification
  • Historic/preservation detail mapping
  • Construction layout and support